The Päpsipunx-Last Punk in Town
Welcome and ahoi !
We celebrate our unique O(ld)M(en)O(n)P(unk)R(ock) and don`t give a fuck.
We just get old, but we never give up.
So have a punkin´day and listen to the Päpsipunx dieary !
··············· 01.2017···············

Coming next !

The Päpsipunx - i was a punk before i was a Punk
Prelisten " An ode to an odd man "
··············· 09.2012···············

Last Punk in Town Record 10

Here it is. The 10´th Last Punk in Town Record
They know how to make your life less stupid !
··············· 05.2011···············


Living is for free - Out taken from...
··············· 09.2010 ···············

Living is for free

The Päpsipunx - Living is for free
Last Punk in Town Records 004

··············· 06.2009 ···············

Tatifari Microphone Song

The Päpsipunx featuring " The Allmighty Jah Tatifari "
··············· 04.2008 ···············

Suicide with Style

The Päpsipunx celebrate a bad OldManOnPunkRock Song
··············· 11.2007 ···············

The Sinner Song

Just another Punkhit for free...
··············· 09.2007 ···············

Bäng your Hirn against the System

The Päpsipunx are fit and workin´ again
and released their 1. Single on Last Punk in Town Records
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